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The World Festival-Contest of National Cultures and Art "WORLD FOLK.VISION" was established August 3, 2017 by The Eurasian Council on Culture, Science and Education as a part of the implementation of the World Humanitarian Program adopted by the Rome Convention "On Cooperation in Eurasia on Culture, Science and Education"

"WORLD FOLK.VISION" is a global international project which is open to cultural dialogue with the participation of countries in Europe and Asia, North and Latin America, Africa, Australia and Oceania.


The festival-contest "WORLD FOLK.VISION" represents the annual three-day final show (the quarter finals, the semifinals, the finals) - competition of different genre performers in two age categories: the adult contest World Folk Vision and the children's contest World Folk Vision - Kids on the best world venues using world media space and IT technologies in the following areas: dance, song, instrumental performance, show of fashion designers, original genre (non-standard form of art or entertainment show).

The contest "WORLD FOLK.VISION" has a detailed set of rules, which were established by the governing body of the competition - The Eurasia Council on culture, science and education.

Competition of posters  World Folk Vision